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All You Can Eat Korean BBQ

All you can eat Korean BBQ buffet $24.99

If you are craving for scrumptious foods then enjoy some fine Korean food. You'll find many chicken and beef entrees on our all you can eat Korean BBQ menu. From our seafood entrees to our pork dishes, you'll be surprised to see the tasty choices we have to offer.

Try what we are known for, our Mongolian BBQ or Bulgogi, delicious thin marinated slices (beef or pork) grilled with perfection. You’ll never feel as full as you do when you leave our Korean restaurant, in Fresno, CA where “all you can eat” actually means what it’s supposed to. Leaving you full and happy is our mission at Kaya Korean Restaurant.

Dine in today and try a sample of our entrees, and you get to decide which ones are your favorites. Our all you can eat Korean BBQ lunch buffet contains a variety of choices for your hungry stomachs. Be sure to save room for dessert though!